Chewing Gum Removal

Monarch Facilities is the only Chewing Gum Removal company in Australia that owns and operates the MV700 Gladiator we the expertise of removing the chewing gum from our streets where others have tried but failed.

The MV700 Gladiator is one of the most effective machine used throughout the UK in tackling the issues of chewing gum on their footpaths, locations like Gatwick, Heathrow, Stuttgart Airport, Zurich Airport, Oxford, Kingston and Chelsea City Councils.

There are many techniques out there that organisations are using to remove gum from our streets, but the biggest issue most of them have is when hitting the gum on asphalt with a high powered jet blaster using hot water is not only do they remove the gum but it also lifts the asphalt too. This leaving holes on our paths and the path looking untidy as they are only spot removing and also can become a hazard to pedestrians having holes in the pathway surface.

Another option to avoid miss match patches when jet lasting is to  jet blast the whole path which can cause another world of issues, especially if the path is brick pavers. By jet blasting this type of surface you risk blasting the sand compound that is there to keep the brick paving stable and level.

However, the MV700 Gladiators unique system ensures that surfaces are deep cleaned without any damage or disturbance to the joining or substrate. 

The MV700 only uses ONLY pure steam to remove the gum, dirt and grit therefore not digging holes in the pavements or forcing the compact sand between brick pavers. 

We would love to come and demonstrate our machine in your local area so you can see what a difference it makes to have a pathway free from gum!