Snap shot of what we do:

Power Sweeping & Scrubbing


 Power scrub/sweep are a great way to get your flooring back to a pristine condition. This will enhance the look of your company and other services that we can provide with a power scrub/sweep includes assessment and removal of stubborn stains, removal of bird droppings, removal of dirt & dust, cleaning of pallet racking etc. 

End of Lease


 When your commercial lease expires it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the property is in good condition.  This usually includes both interior and exterior. Monarch Facilities has the ability to assist you in cleans of factories, workshops, warehouses and cold store facilities. 

Jet Blasting


 Industrial floors in factories, warehouses and workshops often display significant deterioration and a heavy build up of grime. Monarch utilizes a specialized cleaning processes to clean concrete, tiles, steel and paved floor areas that fail to respond to routine cleaning like sweeping, mopping and scrubbing.  At Monarch Facilities we can assist your site in achieving a cleaner, safer work environment for your employees, contractors and customers. 

Line Marking


Monarch Facilities have worked with many organisations to achieve ease of pedestrian & traffic flow throughout their warehouse, car park directions and bay marking also production environments.

A picture can paint a thousand words……lines, icons & signs will prove an asset to achieving desired results. 

Emergency Call Out


We operate while you sleep! 

Our team are specialised in cleaning up your emergencies, from product spillage to service station spills.

Monarch Facilities are experts in service station spills and cleanups and we can be there when you need.

Our fleet of machinery can access where you need including our approved food grade hybrid machines.

Chewing Gum Removal


 Nothing worse than your customers stepping in chewing gum that is littered around your site. Monarch are specialists in the treatment and removal of this. We are contracted all year round to multiple City Council's to assist in the removal of chewing gum scattered on our streets. We can work 24/7 to meet your business needs.